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Our project

The farm where Antología is produced is located in Castro del Río, unique place between Córdoba countryside and Subbética.

A family farm, where we have worked the land for more than 6 generations. Therefore, we are well aware of the legacy transmitted over centuries, which is reflected in the dedication and high quality of our olive production. The oil from these lands is premium quality.

The climate is mild and warm in Castro del Rio. Summers are drier, while winters are wet. The average rainfall is 573 mm. The average annual temperature is 17.6 ° C.

Thanks to large areas of Olivar, the traditional knowledge and the characteristic climate of the area, it can be obtained the best Extra Virgin Premium Premium Oils.

Not only are we aware and proud of our tradition, but we also use techniques that respect the environment, and care every aspect of the production process. Just as our ancestors have donated us an incredible natural heritage, we strive to give to future generations this great treasure, that lies in the countryside of Córdoba and Subbética.

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All Antología oils are analyzed thoroughly before packaging by independent laboratories, proving their characteristics and quality. These laboratories are certified.  

The packaging process is carried out in one of the most advanced facilities in Europe.  

After packaging, we realize a new control, certifying its features, which are:

  • No artificial preservatives.
  • No artificial flavors.
  • MS6 free.
  • Low in sugar (no sugar added).
  • Low in Sodium and high in protein.